New scifi pre order now!

So excited to reveal the cover of my new book Missals from the Dark – sequel to Letters from the Light!!!

We pick up the story three years after the end of the Light War in Australis. Harper and Sam had hoped for peace but Kohl is missing, Spectra is reestablishing his power base in Melbourne, the climate is failing, and eternal night is returning.

Will Governor Pallas bring back disability, light rationing, and religion for control of the underclasses? Will Bess inherit the Solaran empire? Can Aggy reunite the disparate races?

And, why is a dragon riding android trying to kill her? If only she had more Letters from the Light to guide her. Perhaps help is closer than she thinks.

If you love strong women, crazy plot twists and your scifi just a little bit dystopian then this is the book for you. Available for pre order on Amazon now.

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