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Letters from the Light

In a futuristic Australia, light is rationed by the rich, disability is used for control, religion is a weapon, and a female-identifying AI is creating folklore to stir the cave-dwelling underclasses into rebellion.
What would you do to escape the dark?

Missals from the Dark

Missals2Following the Light War, Aggy is working hard to restore peace to Australis. Only, the climate is failing, a dragon-riding android is trying to kill her, and enemies are working to bring back the dark old days. Can Aggy unite the disparate races once again? If only she had more letters from the Light to guide her. Perhaps help is closer than she thinks.

What if the Light won’t solve your problems, anymore?

JPG Emotos PromiseNovella

Emoto’s Promise

Living in a walled city in an endless ocean, the last humans have become dangerously enslaved by a virtual world called the BigDry. Wall manager Macie is an ‘incompatible’, unable to assimilate due to a disability. When the city embarks on a dangerous step which will change mankind forever, Macie’s job becomes obsolete and there is no room for those who don’t fit in.
But perhaps different is exactly what humanity needs.

release of silenceShort fiction featured in anthologies

Ruby’s Ride

An Aussie story of mothers, daughters, seagulls and the ravages of mental health. Available now in the Release of Silence anthology with all proceeds to mental health research.

img_0578Dugong Dreaming

An opera singer is stranded on one of Saturn’s moons with her daughter in cryosleep, impossible choices and some very musical dugongs.

Flash fiction

Splenda in Cuba

Last drinks in Dunedoo

Elevator Games


Pad Thai

Do Aliens Swing?

Novel extracts

Illustria’s Crab

The End of Lower Broome


Micro fiction




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