Emoto’s Promise out now!

Scientists said that it would take 5000 years for Earth’s oceans to rise. They were wrong. 

Living in a walled city in an endless ocean, the last humans have become dangerously enslaved by a virtual world called the BigDry.

Wall Manager Macie is an ‘incompatible’, unable to assimilate due to a disability.

When the city embarks on a dangerous step which will change mankind forever, Macie’s job becomes obsolete and there is no room for those who don’t fit in.

But perhaps different is exactly what humanity needs.

My new scifi – clifi novella from the Drowned Earth series is ready for you now. Read the first chapter FREE here or pick up a copy from your favourite retailer here!

To find out more about the Drowned Earth Series pop across to Aussie Speculative Fiction.


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