Short story: Ruby’s Ride

An Aussie story about mothers, daughters, seagulls and the ravages of mental health.

Available now in the Release of Silence anthology, all proceeds to mental health research.

10 thoughts on “Short story: Ruby’s Ride

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  1. It’s my second time reading Ruby’s Ride and it still makes me so emotional 😥
    This story is so real and so close to home, since it could happen to any of us. Well done Shel!


  2. That was quite a ride – for the reader! You could feel everything the way Ms. Ruby, saw things her way, especially her attention to colour, her fuzzy memories of places and people. The part where the daughter says “it won’t make a difference to her now anyway” is heart-wrenching, because you’ve seen how true it is…
    Beautiful piece. It’s got to reach wider readership.

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  3. Heartbreaking. You present such a vivid portrayal of a child’s thoughts, that it was a real shock when I realized the truth. Well done. As an aside, I had been thinking about someone I know suffering late-stage Alzheimer’s right before reading Ruby’s Ride.

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