Short: Pad Thai anyone?

Three faces. Well, two faces and something that was presumably a face but definitely non-human and looking more like a rotting ham with electrodes attached, glared at Gus. Apparently, they were the only guests prepared to share in the special feast. Their table was simple and round – laid out in old earth fashion –... Continue Reading →

Flash fiction: Uninvited

The acolytes raced up the Keep's stairs, eager to celebrate their Queen's unexpected return. All duty forgotten. All posts abandoned. Lights carelessly extinguished. When the dark veil returned to the building, a solitary figure was able to creep in unobserved. Moving with unholy grace, leaving neither mark nor echo, the Keep's final visitor scaled the... Continue Reading →

Extract: Elevator Games

‘HELLO ESME, LOVELY day isn’t it. How about a bite to eat?’ Oskar Black asked hopefully. He had rehearsed this request with his assistant for five full minutes and had two fingers discretely crossed behind his back. He worried he might be sweating but resisted wiping his brow. It would be an easily detectable sign... Continue Reading →

Flash fiction: Loss

She closed the boys’ door behind her and collapsed back against its Old Earth oak panels. When she remembered his harsh accusations, her breath caught in her throat and tears threatened to overspill her lashes. She was on the verge of surrendering to her old grief. How little he knows about the truth of life,... Continue Reading →

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