I’ve been a story teller all my life.

Professionally I’m a marketer in Australia, using language to construct bridges of understanding between philanthropists and their causes.

Privately I tell stories to my child, Stellar the husky, Grace the cat and pretty much anyone with the love of a good yarn.

My debut novel; Letters from the Light, will be published around Dec 2019 by Inspired Quill UK. I have a climate fiction novella coming out in Feb 2020; Emoto’s Promise with Deadset Press and a short story in the upcoming Aquarius Anthology by Aussie Speculative Fiction.  Exciting times!

Whilst mostly set in the sci-fantasy genre, my stories only use science as the backdrop against which characters struggle with the contemporary issues of class, gender and power. Actually it’s all a bit dystopian.

I am a passionate believer that all our small lives are connected, valuable and critical to the collective journey.

Thank you for connecting with me and reading my work.

Oh, and don’t forget to say hi if you see me presenting at the 2019 Emerging Writers Festival.

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