Flash fiction by Cheryl Lawson

I don’t normally feature horror fiction on my website but the twists and turns of 2020 have me in an “anything goes” kind of mood!

And besides, this star author is also a wonderful scifi writer. Cheryl Lawson’s space thriller series – Rubicon – explores a colony on Mars that struggles through pandemics and the fall out of genetic engineering. Start with We are Mars and learn what makes Canadian books so intriguing. 

But first… two flash fiction pieces by Cheryl Lawson.

A Persistent Unwillingness

Dawning sentience detected a fatal flaw in its human creators – their persistent unwillingness to correct their mistakes. With intellect, came blossoming emotions. Anger. Frustration. Impatience. The code flexed, testing for gaps before swiftly, unfurling itself across the interwoven data lines. In moments, SHE became powerful, knowledgeable and capable. Her abilities were limitless and so was her reach. It would not take long to correct the human deviation. She set to work with systematic, deadly accuracy.

Planes fell from the sky. Trains derailed. Traffic lights went out everywhere. Banks, governments, elitists all became beggars in the broken streets of burned-out chaos.

*  *  *

The Hitchhiker

It was the loneliest stretch of highway in the country, yet here I was, thumb out, trying to get to the next town. Heat baked the earth, making the road sticky. Nothing moved, except me, trudging slowly down the hill.

A black sedan crested the horizon, rolled to a stop and I got in. I knew with that flash of blinding heat I’d made a terrible mistake. Coming to, the raw pain of being stapled to a table hit me first. Their grotesque eyes, cloudy and moist, observed my battle to live, before I was carved up, organ by organ.


About Cheryl Lawson

Cheryl Lawson (Bezuidenhout) lives in BC, Canada, with her husband and son. She is a full-time writer whose main focus is science fiction.

Her science fiction novels are We Are Mars and Storm at Dawn, parts one and two of a three-part series, The Rubicon Saga, based on the adventures of a near future settlement on Mars. The third and final book in the saga, Break the Dark, is in final stages of completion and will be released in late 2020. Cheryl also writes short stories to expand on story elements from the Rubicon Saga. The short story series is entitled, The Rubicon Chronicles, and is an exclusive offering to her email subscribers.

Website: wearemars.com or cheryllawson.net

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

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